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Luke mcdonald (Scoresby)
Registered psychologist

Luke is a registered Psychologist and sees clients in our Scoresby office. He is passionate about helping other males who are experiencing difficulties in their lives and seeking to overcome them.
He believes that seeking help is not a sign of weakness, but a sign of strength and wisdom.
He has a keen interest in depression, anxiety and sports performance.
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Carl Nelms (Bayside)
director & registered psychologist

Carl is a registered Psychologist, and founder of Blokes Psychology; he sees clients in our Highett (Bayside) office.
He is extremely passionate about assisting men to overcome the stigma of reaching out for support. It is his vision that by creating a service targeted towards males, more men can improve their psychological health and well-being and stop suffering in silence.

Carl has specific interests in anxiety, depression, anger, addictions and working with teenage males.

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