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What we do

Blokes make up on average 6 out of every 8 suicides daily in Australia.

Few services, focus specifically on men's needs.
Many men struggle to acknowledge they are experiencing mental health issues and about 70% of men avoid seeking support all together.

We are dedicated to ensuring males of all ages, can access mental health support and treatment, that’s tailor made for men.

Our Psychologist’s are all extremely passionate about mens mental health and understand the array of challenges males face in todays society and how difficult it often is to reach out for support.

We provide face to face psychological support & counselling, specifically tailored for males and can also offer services via the internet (video sessions).

We currently have clinicians in the Bayside and Eastern suburbs of Melbourne (Highett & Scoresby).

We see individuals aged 10+, with a specific focus on supporting boys and men through the various challenges and transitions they face today.

We hope through our service, more men can overcome the 'stigma' of seeking help, get the support they need and stop suffering in silence.

A no-nonsense service for boys and men who want to sort their problems out.

We also see women, wanting to know how to support and communicate with a boy or man in their life.
We can also work with couples and/or help women who are seeking support for themselves.