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Anger management psychologist help hampton


We all get angry from time to time, it's a perfectly natural human emotion but if anger causes us to act inappropriately towards others in our life, then it can become a problem.  
Some signs that you may have anger issues:

  • You feel angry, tense or frustrated most of the time.
  • You lose your temper over relatively small things.
  • Those close to you are concerned about your anger and may be fearful of you when you're angry.
  • Your temper impacts your home or work life.
  • You feel out of control when angry.

How can counselling help me with anger?

  • Explore and identify the true cause of your anger.
  • Obtain insight and understanding into your triggers.
  • Learn strategies and techniques to manage your anger, so they don't impact those around you long term and you can intervene before your anger becomes out of control.
  • Improve your communication skills.

If you're concerned about your anger or would like to learn how to have more control over your emotions, contact us.