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Why choose blokes psychology?

Many health services struggle to engage with males and very few have men in mind when creating services. So it's common that some men may only attend 1-2 sessions before giving up, if they reach out for support at all.
At Blokes Psychology - We understand blokes
We get that it can be extremely hard to reach out for support. 

We also know that when you have a problem, you want a solution and don't want to beat around the bush in order to get one.
We are qualified psychologist's, who pride ourselves on being able to relate and engage with boys and men of all ages (12+).
This lets us provide a no-nonsense approach to sorting out life's various challenges.


Do you see women too?

Yes! We see many women, some of whom are wanting to know how to support and communicate with a boy or man in their life, some bring their partners for counselling and other's simply seek support & therapy for themselves .


What is a psychologist?

A Psychologist has completed at least 4 years of intensive undergraduate university training in the science human behaviour. We then complete further postgraduate university training (1-2 years) and/or an extensive supervision and internship program. We are also required to undergo ongoing, clinical supervision and professional development. This equips us with the knowledge and expertise to be able to assist people with a range of life challenges and mental health concerns.

Whilst the term "therapist or counsellor" can be used by anyone, Psychologists must be qualified and registered with the regulatory body - Australian Health Practitioners Regulation Agency (AHPRA) and are required to maintain professional and ethical standards.


what is therapy / counselling?

Psychological counselling / treatment is a scientific approach to assisting people with their life challenges. Also called 'talking' therapy, research shows that people who receive psychological therapy are better off than 80% of those who have not had therapy.
A Psychologist will work you to develop insight and strategies to assist you with the challenges you're experiencing.


What happens once i book an appointment?

If you book an appointment via calling our office, our admin staff will send you an intake pack via e-mail after your phone call to us. They will also answer any queries you may have.

If you book an appointment via our online booking system, our team will call you within 1-2 days and have a brief chat about why you're coming to see us, to ensure we are the best service for you.
Once we confirm your appointment, you will receive an e-mail with all relevant appointment information and our intake pack.

what happens in the first session

In the first session, you will be asked about what's brought you to counselling and what you're hoping to achieve. We ask questions to give us a good idea of who you are, your current life circumstances and challenges.
If you're new to the counselling, we will explain how it generally works, in step by step format and you'll be free to ask any questions. 

how many sessions do i need ?

The number of sessions an individual requires varies. Some people only require a few sessions in order to meet their goals and outcomes, others come longer term to deal with more complex issues.
We encourage people to commit to six sessions to give the process of treatment an opportunity to develop.

Keep in mind that you may be eligible for medicare rebates up to 10 sessions per year.

Where are you located?

Our head office is in the Bayside suburbs of Melbourne (Highett) and we also have an office in the Eastern suburbs (Scoresby).