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grief counselling support

Grief & Loss

Grief is a natural emotional response to losing someone or something we care about.
This may be the death of someone you care about, a relationship breakdown, a miscarriage, your parents separating, your children leaving home, the death of a pet or even moving to a new city.

Grief can affect our emotions, thoughts, behaviours, health, sense of self/identity and our relationship with others. It can involve feelings of sadness, shock, anxiety, relief, regret, numbness or even denial and anger.
Overall, it can be exhausting and emotionally draining, making it hard to do even simple things.
This often leaves people vulnerable to developing further mental health issues.

How can counselling assist me with grief?

  • Assist you to process and make meaning of the loss.
  • Work with you to explore the emotions attached the your loss.
  • Provide you with coping mechanisms that enable you to continue with life, whilst grieving.
  • Start to experience pleasure again.

Grief can trigger a range of emotions and if not dealt with, can lead to future mental health issues.

If you would like support to assist you with a recent loss, please contact us.