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Relationship couples marriage counselling


Relationships can be bloody hard work.
Especially once kids, mortgages, careers and/or financial stress enter the equation.
Men can often feel unappreciated and distant from their partner. At times it can feel as though our partners are speaking a different language and have unrealistic expectations for us.
If our partners aren't happy, we often feel like failures.

Even the best relationships experience significant challenges and bumps along the way; what matters is how you address these.
It can be easy to feel overwhelmed and hopeless when this occurs. One thing people often forget, is that ongoing conflict and tension in a relationship, also significantly impacts the children in the home.

If you're reading this, it's safe to assume you're experiencing some conflict or challenges in your relationship - which is perfectly normal.
If this is the case, we encourage you to seek professional support, sooner rather than later.

When working with couples, we provide a no-nonsense, direct approach that can assist you to:

  • Identify the core challenges in your relationship.
  • Improve your communication.
  • Connect with your partner again.
  • Develop strategies to meet each others needs.
  • Parent as a team, not as individuals.
  • Establish whether to stay together or part ways.

Overall, relationship counselling can improve your relationship - and who doesn't want that?
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