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stress manage counselling


We all experience stress. It may sound odd yet stress can be quite healthy - it motivates us to get things done and at the right level, optimal stress ensures we perform at the best of our ability. However when we experience times of prolonged high stress, this can severely impact our relationships, work performance, sleep, energy levels and our overall health.
If we have a family, financial commitments, perhaps children, hobbies and friends; our weeks can become extremely busy and before you know it, it may feel as though you never stop.
Or perhaps you've recently gone through a significant life transition (retirement, separation/divorce, new to parenthood, returning to the workforce) and are feeling stressed and overwhelmed.

Many people are surprised at how simple managing our stress levels can be. It's something we all have to experience, so we may as well learn how to manage it.

If you want to learn how to better manage your stress, contact us.